Fifth International Symposium of IGCP608 was successfully held in Jeju Island, Korea

The Fifth International Meeting of IGCP608 was successfully and fruitfully held in a friendly atmosphere, in Seogwipo City, Jeju Island, Korea on 26 October 2017 !!

It was kindly organized with much effort by Prof. Daekyo Cheong and his students, Mr. Daewoo Kim and Ms. Eun Hye Kong and the Organizing Committee members in Korea.


More than 50 participants from 10 nations including Koreans, presented 24 oral and 11 posters in two one-day parallel oral sessions and two-hours poster session. Fruitful discussions and information changes were actively done during those sessions as well as also coffee time and other opportunity.

The symposium itself was jointly held within the 2017 Annual Fall Joint Geology Meeting Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Geological Society of Korea in the large venue: International Convention Center Jeju (25-26 October).

In the evening, a big ceremonial party was held with the celebrating and welcome speech by the President of Geological Society of Korea, Prof. Min Huh, IGCP608 member.


During the pre-symposium three-days field excursion, more than 35 persons including guides and staffs took part and observed the Cretaceous non-marine sedimentary deposits in 1) the small Gyeokpori basin along the western coast (Day 1) and 2) the large Gyeongsang Basin along the southern coast (Day 2), and 3) the small Dadaepo Basin (Day 3) along the southeastern coast of Korean Peninsula. A large amount of Cretaceous dinosaur, pterosaur and bird footprints and trackways in the Uhanri Dino Fossil Site and Haenam Dinosaur Museum (morning of Day 2) was one of the magnificent highlights of the excursion. Along a geotrail of the Sangjokam coast section, Goseong County (afternoon of Day 2), we realized the sizes and strides of many dinosaur trackways on well exposed bedding surfaces of the Jindong Formation, Hayang Group as wave cut benches. Three geosites of Jeonbuk West Coast National Geopark, Buan (Day 1) and the Songdo Peninsula Geotrail, Busan National Geopark (Day 3) were also impressive for their beautiful scenery is based on the Cretaceous non-marine strata associated with volcanic rocks.


After the symposium on 27 October, we had one-day excursion visiting the scenic places of Quaternary mostly volcanic and pyroclastic rocks exposed in the western and southwestern coast of Jeju Island, though all are not the Cretaceous. We visited 1) Suweolbong Tuff Ring, 2) Sanbangsan Lava Dome, 3) Columnar Joints at Jeju Jungmun Daepo Coast, 4) Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and 5) Seogwipo Formation. Those are all the geosites of Jeju Global Geopark designated in 2010, though Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes was also designated as World Natural Heritage in 2007.


Other selected photos will be seen on PHOTOS page.

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The Proceedings (abstracts) and Field Guidebook will be uploaded until early December.


During the business meeting held in the evening of 26 October, we decided the proposal for one-year extension (OET for 2018) to the UNESCO-IGCP Office within the annual report 2017. If approved until end of March, we will hold the next Sixth International Meeting in Khon Kaen-Kalasin Provinces, Northeastern, Thailand in middle November. Now Thailand members, Mr. Naramase Teerarungsigul and his colleagues (Department of Mineral Resources) kindly began to organize the meeting.


1. Cover of Proceedings and Field Guidebook for IGCP608 5th Symposium 2017

2. Group Photo at the opening in conference room, ICC Jeju (26 Oct.)

3. Session room, ICC Jeju (26 Oct.)

4. Invitation for Thailand 2018 by Mr. Naramase Teerarungsigul in closing of Symposium (26 Oct.)

5. Poster session in the first-floor poster area (26 Oct.)

6. Welcome and celebration speech by President Min Huh, Geological Society of Korea in the opening of the GSK 70th Anniversary Party (26 Oct.)

7. IGCP608 tables in GSK 70th Anniversary Party (26 Oct.)

8. 70 years History Exhibition of Geological Society of Korea in 1st Floor Hall (26 Oct.)

9. Korean National Geopark booth in 1st Floor Hall of ICC Jeju (26 Oct.)

10. Group photo taken at St. 1 (Base of Gyeokpori Formation, Gyeokpo Beach, Buan County) in Pre-symposium Excursion on Day 1 (23 Oct.)

11. Group photo taken at St. 5-6 (Jindong Formation, Hayang Group, Gyeongsang Basin) Sangjokam coastal section, Goseong County in Pre-symposium Excursion on Day 2 (24 Oct.)