Information on IGCP projects ongoing during 2017 uploaded after IGCP Council Meeting (20-22 February)

UNESCO-IGCP office opened the results of IGCP Council Meeting on 20-22 February as described in IGCP Annual report 2017. This report introduces the outline of IGCP 2016, including some overall statistics, funding situation, and list of active and newly accepted projects in 2017. A total of 22 projects including four projects newly approved will be financed by UNESCO and IUGS following the evaluation by Scientific Board.


Furthermore, the short Theme summary report on Global change describes our IGCP608 as below:


Projects produced numerous scientific papers in international journals. Two IGCP projects in Global Change (IGCP 608 and 630) each generated more than 100 refereed scientific papers that included multiple publications in Geology, PNAS, and journals in the Nature-publishing group.


Our activities in 2016 were highly evaluated! The project leaders sincerely appreciate all of participants of IGCP608 !!


Let us continue the fifth-year activities pleasantly furthermore.