Greeting from the head of IGCP608 leaders

At the end of the last (sixth) year of IGCP608 activities since March 2013, the leader of IGCP608, Hisao Ando would like to appreciate deeply all of co-leaders, members and meeting participants, including students and staff members helping our six meetings of each organizing committee, and other innumerable persons profoundly cooperating with our meetings and scientific activities.


Our activities during 6 years from 2013 to 2018 have been recorded in detail on several pages of the IGCP608 website on all occasions, such as on ANNUAL REPORTS, MEETINGS, BIBLIOGRAPHY, and PHOTOS.


Although the large update at this time will be the last occasion, the website itself will be kept for a few years on the server of Ibaraki University.


The next announcement will be the evaluation results of (1) Annual Report 2018 of our project and (2) the new project proposal submitted this year, examined by the IGCP Scientific Council (10 members for Global Change projects) of UNESCO-IGCP. Their evaluations will be decided during the IGCP Council Meeting on 18-20 February 2019 at the UNESCO Office, Paris.


The new project plan was made by new five co-leaders lead by Prof. Gang Li (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China) and was submitted to IGCP Office until in mid-October this year. It is entitled by “Linkage of Cretaceous solid earth dynamics, greenhouse climate, and response of ecosystems on lands and in the oceans in Asia” with a short title “Linkage of Cretaceous earth dynamics and climate in Asia”.


I am looking forward to receiving good news for continuing our activities under the new project organized by the new co-leaders soon.


I sincerely wish all of you go well for researches, sciences in addition to education and outreach activities enhancing awareness of geologic heritage in our society.


Have a good New Year!


IGCP608 leader

Hisao Ando