Final (Third) Circular of Sixth IGCP608 Meeting in Thailand

The Final (Third) Circular of the Sixth International Meeting of IGCP608 held in Khon Kaen, Thailand is now available to download here !

Sixth International Symposium of IGCP 608

November 11-17, 2018, Khon Kaen, Thailand

November 12-14: Pre-symposium field excursion "The Cretaceous non-marine deposits (Khorat Group) with dinosaur and vertebrate fossil sites"

November 15-16: Sixth International Symposium (Opening session, scientific sessions, poster session, welcome dinner, business meeting, farewell party) at Charoen Thani Hotel in Khon Kaen

Scientific Topics

1. Cretaceous Terrestrial and Marine Environments in Asia and the Western Pacific

2. Evolution of Cretaceous Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems in Asia and the Western Pacific

Pre-symposium Field Excursion

" The Cretaceous non-marine deposits (Khorat Group) with dinosaur and vertebrate fossil sites in northeastern Thailand "

      Sunday, November 11, 2018 – Arrival and registration of pre-symposium field

            excursion participants at Rachawadee Resort & Hotel, Khon Kaen

      Monday, November 12, 2018 – Visiting the Phuwiang Dinosaur exacavation site and

            museum, observing the boundary between the Phra Wiharn and Sao Khua

            formations; visiting Shell Fossil Museum, and arrival at Brown House Hotel in

            Udon Thani Province

      Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – Visiting red beds of the Phutok Formation at Phu

            Thok Temple; visiting Dinosaur footprints site at Tha Uthen, Sunset River

            Cruise at Nakhon Phanom, and arrival at The River Hotel in Nakhon Phanom


      Monday, November 14, 2018 – Visiting Wat Phra That Phanom, observing a red bed

            succession at Phuphayol National Park; visiting Sirindhorn Museum, and arrival

            at Charoen Thani Hotel in Khon Kaen

Final Circular also on the website below: Meetings (this site)

Symposium Secretary

      Ms. Orn-Uma Summart


      Dr. Phornphen Chanthasit


      Sirindhorn Museum, Kalasin, Thailand, 46140

      Tel: +6643871615 Fax: +6643871614

Mr. Suvapark Imsamut (Director, Geological Resources Conservation and Management Division)

      Department of Mineral Resources, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400

      Tel: +6626219810 Fax: +662621982021


Mr. Naramase Teerarungsigul (Senior Expert, Mineral Resources Management)

      Department of Mineral Resources, Ratchatawi, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400

      Tel: +6626219565 Fax: +6626219504