IGCP608 session and 10th International Symposium on Cretaceous (Vienna, Austria) successfully finished

IGCP608 Session titled “T4. C06 Asia-Pacific Cretaceous Ecosystems (IGCP608)“ was fruitfully finished on 23 August (Wednesday) during 10th International Symposium on Cretaceous, Vienna, Austria. Four oral talks and one poster were presented in the session under three conveners: Ando, H. (project leader of IGCP608), Li, Guobiao (China University of Geosciences) and Xi, Dangpeng (China Univ. Geolsci.). Furthermore, several members of IGCP608 also presented their researches in some other sessions depending on their specialty.


The 10th International Symposium on the Cretaceous (10th ISC 2017) itself was held during four days from 21 to 24 August at UZA (University Center Althanstraße)-II, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria, hosted by Professor Michael Wagreich, University of Vienna (a principal co-leader of IGCP608) and Dr. Benjamin Sames, University of Vienna (secretary of IGCP609). Over 220 participants were gathered from 65 countries in the world, and a total of 193 oral talks were presented with plenary invited lectures by Dr. Maria Rose Petrizzo, Dr. Helmut Weissert and Dr. Marina Suarez.


Abstract Volume and Field Trip Guide of the 10th ISC are available to download freely on "Berichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt", Volumes 120, 121 published by Geological Survey of Austria as below.





1. Group photo in front of UZA II (University Center Althanstraße Haus 2) Building (Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy)


2. Welcome speech by Dr. Christian Köberl, Director of Natural History Museum Vienna at Dome Hall of the second floor. Chairperson: Dr. Benjamin Sames. The name plate at the top of photo shows “Mineralogie” meaning one of eight departments of the museum when established in 1876.


3. Opening address by Prof. Michael Wagreich, University of Vienna, Chairman of Organizing Committee of 10th ISC 2017 (leader of IGCP609) at Lecture Hall 8. Left log on the slide is that of 10th ISC symbolizing a silhouette of St. Stephen's Cathedral, City Hall and Vienna Tower in central Vienna from left to right, and a nannofossils outline named as Lithastrinus grilli by Dr. Herbert Stradner in 1962. In this opening Ceremony of the symposium, the Eduard Suess Medal (28th) was awarded to Dr. Herbert Stradner, a pioneer and distinguished scientist of nannofossil bistratigraphy from the Geological Society of Autsria.


4.Presentation by Prof. Ando (project leader of IGCP608) at IGCP608 Session titled “T4. C06 Asia-Pacific Cretaceous Ecosystems (IGCP608)”


5. Project introductory talk in IGCP609 session presented by Dr. Benjamin Same, University of Vienna. The slide shows the collaborations among IGCP609,608,632,and ICDP Songliao Basin.


6. First Poster Session in 21 August in a wide lobby of UZA II.


7. Group photo during the pre-symposium field excursion to Lower to mid-Cretaceous of Western Carpathians, Slovakia guided by Dr. Josef Michalik