Third Circular of MTE-12 and Third International Meeting in China !

The Third Circular of MTE-12 and Third International Meeting of IGCP608 held in Shenyang, China is now available to download here or below !



The 12th Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems (MTE-12) and
the Third International Meeting of IGCP 608

August 16-20, 2015
Liaoning Mansion Hotel, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China


August  15          Registration in Liaoning Mansion Hotel, Shenyang

August  16-18     MTE-12 Symposium

August  16          Opening Ceremony: President of Palaentological Society of China,
                                 President of Shenyang Normal University
                             Plenary Lectures (Zhou X.H., Dilcher, D.L., Wang C.S., Spicer, R.A.)
                             Scientific Sessions (M-1, M-4, 8 (A), M-5 (A))
                             Evening: cultural performances

August  17          Scientific Sessions: M-2, 3 (A), M-4, 8 (B), M-6, M-9
                             Poster Exhibition (29 posters)

August  18          Scientific Sessions: M-7 (IGCP608 Workshop), M-5 (B)
                             Visit of Paleontological Museum of Liaoning (PMOL)

August  19-20     Post-symposium field excursion
                                 (Beipiao, Chaoyang and Jianchang of western Liaoning)

August  19          Early Cretaceous "Jehol Biota" in Beipiao City (sites of feathered
                                 dinosaur Sinosauropteryx, etc., and the earliest known
                                 angiosperm Archaefructus, etc.).
                             Paleontological Fossil Museum and the geological section in National
                                 Geopark of Chaoyang City
                             Paleontological Museum of Jizangtang (private museum)
                             (Stay at Chaoyang City Hotel)

August  20          Jurassic "Yanliao Biota" in Jianchang County.
                                 Middle Jurassic Tiaojishan Formation with the earliest known
                                 feathered dinosaur Anchiornis and other Jurassic fossils.
                             (Return to Liaoning Mansion Hotel)


Scientific Sessions

M-1 Biodiversity of the Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems                               10 orals
Conveners: Wang Y.D., Spicer R.A., Ren D., Wang Y.D.

M-2, 3 Mesozoic Geology and Environmental Changes                                   19 orals
Conveners: Sun C.L., Suzuki S., Wang P.J.

M-4, 8 Evolution of Dinosaurs and Origin of Aves                                            20 orals
Conveners: Godefroit P., Xu X., Hu D.Y.

M-5 Mesozoic Plants and Their Diversity                                                           18 orals
Conveners: Sun G., Dilcher D.L., Nishida, H.

M-6 Mesozoic Climatic and Environmental Changes                                         6 orals
Conveners: Mosbrugger, V., Herman A., Quan C., Ferguson D.

M-7 Cretaceous Ecosystem in Asia and Pacific (Workshop of IGCP 608)       6 orals
Conveners: Wan X.Q., Ando H., Li G.B.

M-9 Mesozoic Fossil Footprints                                                                             9 orals
Conveners: Lockley M., Matsukawa M., Li J.J.


Third Circular on the website below: Meetings (this site)


Contact:    MTE-12 Secretariat: Ms. Wu Sizhu
                   PMOL/Shenyang Normal University, 253 North Huanghe Street,
                   Shenyang 110034, China
E-Mail: or