Second International Meeting held at Waseda Univ. in Japan

The Second International Symposium and Field Excursion (2nd IGCP608 Waseda 2014) fruitfully and successfully held at Okuma Auditorium, Waseda University, Tokyo in Japan !! (symposium: 4-6 Sept. and excursion: 7-10 Sept.)

A total of 84 registered participants from 13 nations including Japan presented 44 oral and 37 posters during three days symposium. In the post-symposium field excursion, 34 persons including guides took part and enjoyed the Cretaceous strata along the Pacific coast, several geosites and sightseeing places.

Program of the symposium (PDF, 752.55KB, new window)

               Abstract Volume                     Field Guide

Abstract Volume and Field Excursion Guide will be uploaded in middle November.


1. Group photo (1st day, in front of Okuma Auditorium)

2. Opening session

3. Keynote speech (Dr. James W. Haggart)

4. Poster presentation in the lobby

5. Closing address by project leader (Prof. H. Ando)

6. Welcome party (RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo)

7. Post-symposium field excursion (Stop 1-4, Cape Nagasaki-hana, Choshi City)

8. Post-symposium field excursion (Stop 2-2, Hiraiso coast, Nakaminato City)

9. Post-symposium field excursion (Stop 3-2, Kokozura Formation, Koizura, Izura coast, Kitaibaraki City)

10. Post-symposium field excursion (Stop 4-2, Kasamatsu and Tamayama formations, Futaba Group and unconformity with Eocene Iwaki Formation, Shiramizu Group, Kitazawa, Hirono Town)

*Other photos can be seen on PHOTOS page.